Joycy Ann Lacombe

Hello, my name is Joycy Ann Lacombe and I am a licensed mental health counselor & coach with over fifteen years of experience working with individuals, couples, and adolescents to achieve the success they are seeking. I take a personal, relatable approach to working with all of my clients. I sincerely care about helping my clients gain clarity and insight while progressing towards developing the skills necessary to independently problem solve in the future. I do feel that we sometimes need to look backwards and work through past issues in order to lay a better foundation for the present. I will always seek to speak the truth with grace, even though it may be difficult to hear, in order to ensure that my clients have the information they need to make the best decisions for their situation.

In my private practice, I am passionate about working with individuals suffering from the effects of post-traumatic stress, using unique techniques to help them clear symptoms of trauma, PTSD and chronic anxiety.

I also enjoy working with couples on a variety of topics: codependency, infidelity, personality disorders, communication issues and blended family issues amongst other concerns.  

As a self-proclaimed, perpetual life learner, I continue to seek additional resources and education to remain informed of the new ideologies and effective therapeutic interventions available in order to help my clients. I believe in collaboration and strive to teach and equip my clients with the skills they need to be successful in not only the areas they are currently tackling, but holistically.

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