The Mountain Premium Guided Meditation



The mountain meditation is designed to help you feel grounded, to promote inner peace and calm and to help you to build resilience through whatever challenges you are encountering in life.

Just like a mountain standing strong in the changing seasons, you too can weather storms and adapt to change. Just like a mountain with its strong base rooted in the earth, you too can find stillness and strength in adverse conditions. Just like a mountain who on the surface changes, reshapes and weathers; you too have an unchanging and solid core at the very centre of your being. In this meditation we will evoke the dignity, stability and beauty of the mountain to help you realise your true nature – beautiful, resilient and unwavering, just like the mountain.

This meditation is normally done in a sitting position, you can be either on the floor or a chair, find a comfy place to sit – make sure you will be warm enough and somewhere free from distraction or disturbances. This meditation is best enjoyed with headphones. 

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You can listen to the preview below:


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