Maria Natapov

Stepparenting Expert and Trusted Advisor to Divorce Professionals,
Financial Advisors, and Parenting Coaches

Maria offers a caring and playful coaching approach where clients feel energetically held and empowered to joyfully and confidently blend their families.  

Maria knows from experience that stepparenting isn’t something you pick up from scrolling the internet or crowdsourcing your friends. She believes that forging a relationship with your stepchild means learning to find your voice as well as hearing theirs.

As the daughter of divorced immigrant parents and a stepparent herself, Maria understands blended families' communication and connection challenges and the vital importance of healing pain and preventing further harm by establishing innovative parenting support systems.

Through her signature 4-step energy-focused process combined with Rapid Resolution modality, Maria helps families transition from chaos to harmony. She enables stepparents to strengthen their values, foster partner alignment, create trust with stepchildren, and enhance community with birth families by building on their existing skills, experiences, and strengths.

Maria has helped numerous blended families foster more harmonious family dynamics through her VIP support model and her podcast, Synergistic Stepparenting. To learn more about how to work with Maria, visit her website at