Our Story

Hi! We are Be Mindful Be Happy!

A mindfulness shop committed to your holistic wellbeing and happiness. 

Our story began in 2014 when founder Claire embarked on a self-discovery journey to recover from a series of ailments including eating disorders, anxiety and depression. 

During her brave recovery, Claired turned to mindfulness meditation and found it to be the key to living a happier life. She later became a certified Yoga and Mindfulness instructor and eventually created Be Mindful Be Happy to fulfill her soul’s purpose, which became our brand mission:

helping others find happiness and inner peace.

A few years later, Miri met Claire serendipitously during her own personal discovery path when she was diagnosed with a harmful mutation gene called BRCA 1. Miri leaned into mindfulness practice to embrace her new medical journey and as she overcame it, she shared Claire’s same desire to help others nurture their body, spirit and soul. 

Miri fell in love with the Be Mindful Be Happy brand and its mission because, who wouldn’t?

In 2021, Miri became the proud owner of Be Mindful Be Happy, expanding its products and services offering to a wider audience and continuing the Be Mindful Be Happy mission.

Welcome to your happy!