I really like this quote (above) from the big man himself, because it reminds me that seeking happiness as an endpoint or outcome often proves to be futile....and that it's in the journey the real happiness can be experienced.

Hello, I'm Claire.

6yrs ago I had a breakdown + had to leave my job.
I started a long and brave process of recovery. After years of struggling with an eating disorder, social anxiety, depression & hard to manage emotions, a therapist starting teaching me mindfulness...
It wasn't long before I started experiencing big shifts in my internal landscape which started me on a journey towards transformation & full recovery. I sold my then business and spent two years living and traveling in Asia learning about the roots of mindfulness & yoga from the Indian Himalayas to the monasteries of Myanmar. In 2019 I returned to the UK to complete my training and set up Be Mindful Be Be Happy to help support & encourage mindfulness for everyone. 

My lived experience of mental health recovery means I have an empathic and compassionate approach - I want nothing more than for you to live a happier life. I teach mindfulness for everyone and my 8 week programme will help with anxiety, stress, insomnia, addiction etc. I also specialise in Mindfulness for Emotional Eating after learning first hand the power & role of mindfulness in overcoming eating, food and body image related issues. I have a huge amount of empathy for anyone struggling with these issues and many tried and tested techniques to help you on the road to food freedom. 

Now a certified yoga, mindfulness & meditation teacher, I am fulfilling my soul's purpose to help you on your journey to inner peace. 

If you are interested in working with me or want to find out more about my coaching programmes, you can do so here.
be mindful be happy founder mindfulness yoga teacher claire sankey
May you be happy :-)