Do you find yourself getting swept up in thoughts and feelings and find the present moment is passing you by? 😕

The 3 minute breathing space is a short but sweet 3 step practice to reclaim your presence, any time, anywhere 😀

It is widely taught on mindfulness courses because it is easy to learn, durable and allows us to gather our mindful awareness and fully arrive again in the present moment 🌙

The steps are (1 min each)

1️⃣ Open awareness - taking in everything you experience in the present moment, all thoughts, feelings & sensations without trying to change anything, simply noticing.
2️⃣ Gathering awareness - to a specific point of the breath tuning into the sense of awareness & stillness.
3️⃣ Expanding awareness - to include the whole body, all feelings & sensations in the body as a whole.

It’s a great exercise to step out of automatic pilot and circuit break our thoughts when we are anxious, have incessant thought loops, ruminating or mindlessly letting the present moment slip by ☀️

Try this guided meditation and then see if you can do this by yourself by learning the three steps above - it’s an incredibly useful practice to have in your tool box! I recommend practicing this a couple of times a day and anytime you notice you are stuck on auto-pilot✨